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4th Aug 2017

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Road test: Gasmate - Inferno Patio Heater– FHN100

Our ‘Flame Rating’ is 6 out of 10

Extravagant but worth the money for the effect!

RRP - $799.95

22nd Feb 2017

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GasMate Odyssey 2 BBQ

Hi All, I have just done a Road Test on the GasMate Odyssey BBQ - Check it out at......!

Ross Y

14th Nov 2014

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Masport Supreme Plus RBW 210 - 6 burner BBQ

See the latest review on this BBQ!

or go to the BBQ review page on our website..

Ross Y

17th Aug 2014

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BBQ Pre Summer Service?

Hi All, believe it or not the evenings here in Perth are getting lighter soooo...time to get your BBQ serviced?

12th Feb 2014

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BBQ not hot?

Hi All, I get asked as to why Barbeques don't seem to be as hot as they used to be?


1st Jan 2014

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Indoor Barbeques - Update

I have been getting more phone calls and enquiries on Barbeques for partially enclosed Alfresco Areas.. I have already tried to answer most of the questions on our website under "Alfresco Areas' but I think some more clarification may be necessary about 'FLAME FAILURE'

18th Oct 2013

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BBQ Summer Servicing

Hi All, I wrote in August to get your BBQ serviced, well Summer has arrived so be quick and book now! Ross Y


16th Aug 2013

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BBQ Servicing

Coming up to summer everyone! Is it about time to get your BBQ serviced? Yes it is!

Ross Y

29th Jun 2013

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19th Jun 2013

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Don't forget to buy a good BBQ cover for your BBQ this winter...keep it dry and you wont have to buy (another one!)!!

9th May 2013

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Subscriber 'sign up' - new in 2013!

Hi, we are about to launch this year a new 'subscriber sign up' designed to help you in your everyday Barbequing.

'Sign Up for Barbitec News and Reviews'

28th Mar 2013

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HI, there is never a good BBQ or a bad BBQ as it depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. Now remember years ago when you went and bought your BBQ?

6th Mar 2013

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Buy That BBQ! Barbitec's BBQ 'check list'

I have devised a 'check list' for you to peruse before you go out and buy that magnificent new BBQ!

Have a look, have a think, and then take it with you, it may help you to make the right choice!...............................Ross Y

28th Feb 2013

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Infra Red Burners – Cooking on the Turbo RQT

I am getting lots of questions about cooking using infra red burners, especially on the Turbo RQT:

10th Feb 2013

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BBQ's - Rules & Regs

I know we dont always like to be told rules & regulations but in Gas & Electricity they are there for a reason:

7th Feb 2012

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Turbo RQT Quartz BBQ

I have added one of the BBQ reviews taken from the website, for more reviews go to Ross Y

Turbo Quartz Elite (RQT) 4 burner plus side burner

(Second Review)................................RRP $2499.00

Latest from BARBITEC

10th Nov 2019

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Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies - Apology

Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies - correction!

29th Oct 2019

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Ross's Best BBQ Meatballs

This is a recipe that I havent tried for a while so am making it tonight, its really easy, tasty and yum...Any leftovers you can freeze and reheat them later, this makes about 25-30 depending on ho

10th Oct 2019

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Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies

Following it the footsteps of my Brownie recipes and the requests for the recipe I thought I would get down and actually write it from my notes:

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