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7th Feb 2012

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Turbo RQT Quartz BBQ

I have added one of the BBQ reviews taken from the website, for more reviews go to Ross Y

Turbo Quartz Elite (RQT) 4 burner plus side burner

(Second Review)................................RRP $2499.00

16th Jan 2012

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Barbeque Mastery Maintenance Class

We are introducing a NEW BBQ Mastery Maintenance Class in a few weeks time so check out this link and if you live in the Perth WA area put your name down by emailing

16th Dec 2011

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Happy Xmas - One and All!

You know Xmas is a great time to get together with friends and neighbours, but please remember that there are people out there that may not be as fortunate as you in that they may have lost a friend or relative, so lets give peace to all on this great festive season,

6th Nov 2011

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Barbeque Repairs And Maintenence

We do a lot of repairs on Barbeques and in particular on the preventative maintenance side. This is things like replaceing the Burners, checking out the ignitions and the gas pressure. The heat of a BBQ is governed by the burners, this in turn is governed by caring and looking after them.

17th Oct 2011

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BBQ Summer Servicing

Dont forget your BBQ will only last longer if you get it serviced regularly! Give us a call and we will give you a quote....How easy is that!

11th Oct 2011

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Drongos Guide To BBQ Mastery

If you would like to buy a signed copy of Ross's Book just go back to the Barbitec website and click on 'buy the book' once we have received payment we will send you a copy by return. (This is Australia wide only). Ed

11th Oct 2011

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BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes 2012

Hi All, we have just about finalised the dates for the next series of BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes, if you wish to know more please go to the Barbitec Website or send us an email. Ross Y

1st Aug 2011

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We would like to welcome CASA Dairy Products to our list of sponsors for our next BBQ Mastery Classes. Their products include, Creme Fraiche, Ricotta cheese, Greek Yoghurt Mascapone and loads more, check out their website,

27th Jul 2011

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BBQ Repairs Perth

I get a lot of calls regarding BBQ repairs and whether its worth repairing them as they seem so cheap these days, well the way I look at it if you pay $150.00 for a BBQ its really not worth spending money on it so pay a little more say up to $500 and it will be a better bbq and last you a lot lon

11th Jul 2011

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Jumbuck Barbeques

Now, if you buy a Jumbuck Barbeque from Bunnings and you want to convert it to Natural Gas from LPG make sure that you look at the Data / Compliance plate. This will tell you if it is approved to operate on both gases.

15th May 2011

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Patio Heaters

Thes are great little heaters and now in OZ is the time to pull them out and use them. Just remember that there are safety devices on them that will prevent them from lighting if there is a problem, if you are in Perth WA contact us as we can repair most of them.

15th May 2011

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Fat Fires

There are two types of fires most commonly found in Barbequing - the fat fire and the Gas fire! Fat fires are caused by too much fat so dont use too much, put oil on your food not on the BBQ!

15th Mar 2011

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Infra Red Quartz BBQ's

I have had a few questions asked regarding these "new technology" BBQ's here is one of them.........


11th Mar 2011

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Tsunami in Japan

What is the world coming too? Another earthquake in Japan and a Tsunami, keep your sprits up over there guys and always remember you can use a BBQ vitually anywhere!! Ross Y

22nd Feb 2011

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Earthquake in Christchurch NZ

I was in Christchurch NZ 2 years ago, what a beautiful City and country, my heart goes out to you guys for the trauma you are suffering, our love and best wishes go to you your loved ones and your lovely people, Ross Y

30th Nov 2010

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Cooking on your BBQ

How many times have you burnt your food on the Barbeque?

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