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York Olive Oil

21st May 2019


We have been buying our Extra Virgin Olive Oil now for 5 years from Arnaud at York Olive Oil Co:

We always aim to get the best produce for all our recipes and I cannot talk highly of our local oil producer, York Olive Oil Co, they also sell ice cream and bread as well as other products all grown and refined on the premises so pop up and check them out!

Tell them Ross sent you........

Our retail shop      The shop      Strawberry Jam 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil      This way for fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil from WA

Phone: 08 9641 2200
Mobile: 0429 412 200

Address: 254 Ashworth Rd, Daliak (via York) WA 6302
PO BOX 688 York WA 6302 Australia
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