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BBQ Mastery Maintenance Classes


Introducing BBQ Maintenance Classes 

Maintenance classes for this year will be held in addition to Corporate BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes

They will last approx 3 hours and cost $50.00 plus GST

We can take up to 20 per class

The programme of the class will be as follows:-

Opening Welcome……………………………09:30 am

What sort of BBQ would you like and how much to spend?
What do you want to cook on it?
How it all works – Propane and Gas and Charcoal
New concepts in BBQ ing – RQT burners
Cleaning and caring for your BBQ
Before you cook – what to do – prep
After you cook
Storing your BBQ
Safety – fat and leaks and connections

Cooking on your BBQ


Cleaning Materials and accessories provided by Barbeques Galore
Barbeques by Barbeques Galore, Gasmate, Garth Living,

We have attached a pdf 'flyer' which you can download at the bottom of this page, which was for our class earlier this year.

If you are interested please email us at info@barbitec.com or use any of the booking forms or click the button below


NB:Cartoon picture taken from Drongos Guide to BBQ Mastery

(updated 29/1/13)

Download Barbeque.Mastery.Maintenance.Class.Flyer


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